Tips to Prevent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Tips to Prevent Carpal Tunnel SyndromeIf your source of income is working on computers all day, you are at a high risk of having carpal tunnel syndrome. I’m not scaring you. That’s just a plain scary fact. And I’m not really scaring you. The common cause of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is the pressure on the median nerve in the forearm as a result of the overuse of the hands and wrists in repetitive movement.

The numbness and the pins and needles sensation in the hand are the common symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome. However, you can avoid such symptoms if you know a few tips to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome.

Taking Breaks is Gold
Taking frequent breaks is one of the simplest and easiest ways to prevent this syndrome. Some, mostly workaholics, may think that taking breaks is just a waste of time. It also diminishes work momentum and puts you out of focus. I’d like to disagree on that. Taking breaks is a form of detoxifying. It relieves you from stress brought forth by work. And when you take frequent breaks, you get the time to relax your brain even for just a few minutes. Frequent breaks will relieve the accumulated stress and pressure on your hands caused by continues keyboard action.

Be Gentle on those Keys

When working on the computer, use your hands and fingers with less force to minimize if not eliminate the damage as a result of repetitive motion. In addition, you may opt for highly ergonomic keyboards and those that have soft keys so you wouldn’t need that much of an effort when typing.

Leave the Mouse Time After Time

The most common and the worst culprit of the carpal tunnel syndrome is the computer mouse. It is better if you can use the mouse intermittently. Replace mouse gestures with keyboard shortcuts. You can also use your left and right hands alternately when using the computer mouse.

Take Time to Exercise

One of the most important tips to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome is to exercise. Stretch your hands, fingers and your wrists to get the blood flowing through the median nerve in the middle of the forearm. Shoulder stretches are also important and can really make a big difference.

Get the Proper Workspace

For work-from-home peeps, this is definitely worth doing. As for office workers, you’re lucky if you were given the freedom to choose your workspace. And let’s say you were lucky enough, be sure to choose a workspace designed for maximum comfort, efficiency, safety, and ease of use. This includes proper placement of your desk, chair and computer peripherals to say the least.

Execute Proper Posture

This is extremely important towards prevention of carpal tunnel syndrome. Your spine should be against the back of your chair and your shoulders should be relaxed (I just realized that I am not doing that right now). Your elbows should be positioned on the sides of your body and your wrists should be straight. Your feet should be firmly placed on the floor.

These are perhaps some of the most effective tips on how to prevent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Despite all of these tips that you’ve definitely read or heard of a million times before, always remember that having an active lifestyle is still the best way to prevent health conditions such as the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

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