Natural and Immediate Relief For Sciatica

Natural and Immediate Relief For Sciatica
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Year after year millions of people from different parts of the world are being affected by sciatica. Despite the growing number, only a small percentage of the population are well informed about sciatica. To find a cure may seem intangible because one treatment may work efficiently for others but not for you. You may feel a mild to severe pain from your lower back down to your thighs and legs. For a quick relief, you may resort to pills, lotion and other medication, but most of them may have side effects. It is best if you explore and find natural and immediate relief for sciatica that works for you.

Cold Treatment, Not Warm
One of the best pain relief strategies is to apply ice. The ice method provides quick relief for sciatic nerve pain. Many people including medical practitioners would tell you to apply heat for sciatica, or any other back pain for that matter. Little did they know that applying heat will aggravate the swelling and inflammation. If there is inflammation or swelling in any part of the nerve route, ice is the better treatment. If you can use an ice compression brace, the better. For those who have no access to this type of brace, the good old ice pack can also do the trick.

Magnesium Rich Diet
Sciatica can be relieved almost instantly if you can grab a bite of any food rich in magnesium. Peanuts have high magnesium content but may bring allergic reactions. Resort to other magnesium rich foods like bananas, beans, almonds, cashews, pistachios and walnuts. If possible, have a stock of these foods at home or keep them accessible when you are always on the go.

Find the Right Shoes For You
A simple way of changing footwear can relieve you of sciatic nerve pain. Wearing the wrong shoes can actually cause you to suffer from back pain, particularly sciatic nerve pain. The relevance of wearing the right shoes has nothing to do with fashion when you are talking about back pain in general. What matters most when it comes to footwear is the benefit of relieving the pain specifically in the case of sciatica. Find the shoes that can provide the best walking experience. The shoes with the best fit and cushioning will result to lesser impact on the spine thus generally avoiding sciatica and back pain in general.

Keep Yourselt Hydrated
You should keep yourself hydrated when suffering from sciatica. Drink lots of water to hydrate your body muscles so that they will not put too much pressure on the nerve. Water is not just for hydration. Water also serves as lubricant for the joints. If you drink enough water every day, the natural position of the vertebral disc is kept intact. Here are some benefits of drinking plenty of water.

Epsom Salt Bath
You can have natural and immediate relief for sciatica if you take an Epsom salt bath. You can buy Epsom salt from any of your local drug stores. For best result, use a tub and add generous amount of Epsom salt to the water. The Epsom salt has properties that can help get rid of the toxins from your body. In addition, it can also sedate the nervous system. Epson salt dissolved in water is also an excellent stress reliever thus helping you to concentrate better and have a better sleep.

Get Some Rest
Healthcare experts highly recommend rest. Normally, it would take you a month or two for you to feel the sciatic nerve pain. And even if you do not apply any treatment methods, the pain usually fades away. However, recovery is much faster when you seek out pain relief. When sciatic nerve pain attacks, what you can do initially and immediately is to get some rest.  Resting can make a big difference in easing the pressure as a result of your slipped disc. One of the best ways to reduce the swelling of the sciatic nerve is to rest.