Immediate Relief for Gas and Bloating

Immediate Relief for Gas and Bloating
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Everyone experiences gas and bloating which are normal problems of the digestive system. Some people experience them and do not get bothered, but for others, gas and bloating can be difficult to live with and can be embarrassing.

Although a natural occurrence as a result of the body’s digestion breaking down food, gas and bloating can be very painful and may bring discomfort. During digestion, gas is released either through burping or flatulence. When gas builds up inside the digestive tract, it will lead to bloating, making your stomach feel bulky. The problem is actually not life-threatening but you need to address them anyway to avoid further health problems. There are over-the-counter medicines, herbal antidotes and home remedies available immediate relief for gas and bloating.

What Causes Gas and Bloating?
Always breathing-in too much air can cause gas to accumulate in your stomach. You can address this problem by doing proper breathing techniques with the help of meditation or yoga. Another cause of gas in the stomach is when you swallow too much air while eating which can lead to belching and being flatulent. This can be avoided if you don’t or at least minimize talking while you eat. Eating slowly by chewing your food properly can help too. It is also better to drink directly from the glass or bottle instead of using a straw because it can also be a way for the air to enter your stomach.

Fennel Seeds
A great way to treat gas and bloating is with the use of fennel seeds which is considered as one of the best home remedies for bloating. To heal a bloated stomach, all you need to do is to chew some fennel seeds and in about 2 to 5 minutes, you can say good bye to your bloated tummy. The taste of the seeds is very licorice-y (that of the black licorice) and if chewing the seeds gives you a very strong taste, you can just toss a pinch of fennel seeds in a cup of hot water and it is ready to drink after a few minutes.

Hot Compress
Applying hot compress also offers immediate relief for gas and bloating. While lying down, you can place a hot water bottle or warm compress to the abdominal area. The heat helps release the gas and the abdominal pressure will eventually fade.

Mint or Chamomile Tea
Drinking tea, particularly mint or chamomile tea can relieve gas and bloating. There are properties present in mint and chamomile that aid in any digestion problem. Using fresh mint leaves or dried chamomile flowers are recommended but if they are not available, the use of teabags is the next best thing.

Another herb that can help you with your gastric problem is garlic. There are properties of garlic that can help invigorate the gastric system thus relieving gas and bloating. To maximize the effect of garlic, you must consume fresh garlic. But if you find it hard to eat fresh garlic, there are garlic supplements available in the market, or prepare garlic soup.

Probiotics for Prevention
Probiotics are well known to aid in digestion. These live microorganisms can also do wonders in reducing too much gas from your body. Probiotics are good bacteria that resemble those that can be found in the stomach. Foods that contain natural probiotics include yogurt, buttermilk, pickles, kimchi, miso, sauerkraut, tempeh and kefir. It would be best if you include some or any of these foods in your everyday diet. Studies show that good bacteria in food have positive effect in the brain function and digestive health.

Stress Reduction
Avoid being stressed when you experience gas because stress could worsen your condition. When you are nervous or stressed, you are most likely to experience constipation, diarrhea and gas. Here are some stress causing agents that you should avoid.