Immediate Relief for Dyspepsia

Immediate Relief for DyspepsiaWhen you overeat or don’t chew the food properly, your digestive system which involves the stomach, liver, kidneys and bowels will have a hard time working. When this happens, some of the foods you ate are more likely to putrefy and develop poison which can be absorbed into the blood. There are foods that can aggravate dyspepsia. Your lifestyle choices such as smoking, drinking alcohol and lack of sleep and exercise can also cause dyspepsia. Emotions like fear, anger, jealousy and any stressful emotions for that matter can also lead to dyspepsia.It is called dyspepsia when the problem involves difficulty in digestion or any sign of gastrointestinal concern. The usual symptoms of dyspepsia include nausea, vomiting, gas, loss of appetite, heartburn, feeling bloated and abdominal pain. These symptoms are often caused by eating too fast, eating the wrong combination of food, overeating and not chewing the food properly when eating.
Using fruits as immediate relief for dyspepsia is not only safe but beneficial as well.  There are certain fruits that can help flush out the undigested food residue easily and restore a functional digestive system. The most commonly used fruit for treatment of indigestion is lemon. The juice of lemon can reach the stomach quick and easy so that it can fight the bacteria and stop acid formation. By freeing the stomach from acid and other harmful substances, indigestion will be relieved and a healthy appetite is restored. You can also cure indigestion and stomach irritation fast by eating grapes. Boost your energy and relieve any digestive disorder by eating pineapple or drinking pineapple juice after a meal. Relieve nausea and indigestion by drinking pomegranate juice with honey. You can drink a few more of the concoction as the need arise. To refresh the stomach, mix the seeds of pomegranate with black pepper powder and rock salt.

Next to fruits, vegetables also provide immediate relief for dyspepsia. Carrots offer essential vitamins and minerals plus enzymes to speed up digestion. When you eat carrots, chew a little longer to help increase your saliva. Saliva can help digest the food faster. Carrot juice is also good for your health. You can also cure dyspepsia using fenugreek leaves. Whether boiled or stir fried, eating fenugreek leaves can help relieve nausea and vomiting. Drinking mint juice can improve the appetite. For more flavor, you can also add lemon and honey. In addition to improving the appetite, the juice mixture can also cure indigestion and the gaseous swelling of the stomach.

You can also rely on buttermilk to relieve indigestion or dyspepsia, just mix butter milk with ¼ teaspoon of pepper powder. You can add ¼ teaspoon of cumin to the mixture to increase its healing capacity.

Another drink you can prepare for relief of dyspepsia is to mix 1 teaspoon of aniseed with a cup of boiling water. Cover and leave it overnight. The following morning, filter the aniseed, sweeten it with honey and it’s ready to drink.

How to Prevent Dyspepsia
There are things you can do to avoid dyspepsia in the first place. First, avoid drinking while eating. Try as much as possible to enjoy your meal and never hurry eating. Do not eat yet when you are still feeling full or when you are not yet hungry. It is not a good time to eat when you are in a bad temper, tired or worried, not even when you are excited.

Light exercises like walking, swimming and playing golf also offer immediate relief for dyspepsia. Other useful methods in the treatment of dyspepsia are light exercises like walking, golf and swimming; a cold bath every day; taking laxative daily for a few days; massaging the stomach; and applying wet girdle pack.