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How to Safely Gain Muscle Mass

How to Safely Gain Muscle Mass
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Gaining muscle mass is not as easy as you think it is. If you want to increase your muscle mass, you need to work hard for it. There are ways how to safely gain muscle mass which involve eating a balanced diet, doing the right exercise and rest. Your genuine commitment to engage in a workout routine is essential so you can successfully reach your goal. Eating healthy is equally important and you need to be discerning about anything that you put inside your body. Having a workout technique will also make a difference because it can influence the pace of the muscle growth.

1. You need to level-up your caloric intake to gain muscle mass. Adding 500 more calories to your daily consumption can help boost the building of muscles. For every pound of your body weight, you need to consume I gram of protein daily. According to Men’s Fitness, in order to build muscle, a large part of your everyday diet should include protein and carbohydrates. A great source of protein would be animal protein like pork, beef and skinless poultry because they are high in protein content.

2. Engaging in cardio activities is good when you are trying to lose weight. However, if you want to build muscle, you need to slow down on your cardio exercises to avoid burning the fat that you will need to gain muscle mass. Not more than 30 minutes of cardio activities two times a week I already ideal for maintaining muscle mass.

3. To help your body absorb protein better, aside from eating a balanced and healthy diet, you can drink high-protein shakes before and after your workouts. It is during the 45-minute time after working out that your body works at its best to build muscle mass. The protein in your body plays a vital role in the repairing process because protein helps repair the tears resulting from all the workouts.

4. Highlight your weight training. Lifting weights can really do wonders to help increase your muscle mass for as long as you are doing it right. As much as possible, work with a trainer who can guide you how to safely gain muscle mass. A trainer can teach you proper lifting technique, to avert getting injured.

5. Warm-up routine is very important. You can do a little walking, jogging and light stretching first before you start the main weight lifting stuff. The risk of injury is higher when you don’t warm up your cold muscles before lifting weights. With regards to your arms, warming up would mean doing the lifting motion without the real weights. This activity will help your joints go into the range of the action.  You can start in single sets using light weights. At first, you can pay more attention to your form as you do 10 repetitions in a set. Then you can start intensifying by doing additional sets and increasing repetitions. Feeling a slight burn on the muscle is an indication that the routine is working and it also serves as your cue to stop lifting exercises.

6. To gain muscle mass in your legs and glutes, you can include resistance exercises like lunges and squats to your weight training routine. Weightlifting can help strengthen your core especially if you choose those exercises that work on your abdominal muscles, chest and biceps. Then you can finish it with dumbbell exercises. A good example is the arm curls which you can do in sets of two in 12 repetitions.

7. To wrap up the steps how to safely gain muscle mass, you need to give yourself some time to rest. While you take a breather, this will give time for those satellite cells to work on the repairing process. Ideally, you should work out to build muscle mass no more than three times a week. When you work out on one muscle group, you need to wait at least 48 hours before you can work on that muscle group again. Use the time in-between to work on the other muscle groups.