How to Prevent and Cure UTI

How to Prevent and Cure UTI
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That system in your body where urine is produced and then discharged from your body is called urinary tract. Your bladder and kidneys including the tubes connecting the two are the major components of the system. Infection of the system is commonly caused by bacteria. A urinary tract infection usually starts as a bladder infection. There are various ways on how to prevent and cure UTI but once it is left untreated for a long period of time, it can lead to kidney infection which is more dangerous because it can cause permanent damage.

The most common cause of urinary tract infections (UTI) is when the urethra contacted bacteria and it goes inside the urinary tract up to the bladder or kidney. The bacteria dwell in the large intestine and they can also be found in stool which explains how they enter through the urethra. For women, bacteria may also find its way to the urinary tract through sexual intercourse. People in hospitals who need to use catheters to drain their urine are also prone to bacterial infections. When you have kidney stone, enlarged prostate (for men), or structural problems in the urinary tract, your body will find it hard to urinate and it can lead to UTI.

Pain or burning sensation when urinating is the most common symptom of UTI. A bladder infection is not life-threatening especially when treated early. In some cases, the infections die out in a couple of days. A UTI with serious complications may lead to permanent kidney damage and widespread infections. Your life could be in danger if the infections are not treated immediately.

You can suffer from UTI a number of times. It could be because of new infections or a previous infection that has recurred. To prevent UTI, you need to hydrate more often by drinking plenty of water. When you feel the urge to urinate, see to it that you empty your bladder completely. Women are more at risk compared to men. For women, it is highly recommended to urinate right after having sexual intercourse so as not to give the bacteria the chance to enter the urethra. Use of diaphragm and condoms coated with spermicide for birth control are discouraged. Men on the other hand are recommended to observe utmost personal hygiene to prevent UTI.

Although it is easy to find ways on how to cure UTI, it is always better to do something to prevent the infection. When you feel the need to urinate, you must do so by all means. Having a busy lifestyle should not be an excuse because your health is at stake here. As much as possible, avoid drinking alcohol and limit your caffeine intake because both are major irritants to the bladder.

Oral Antibiotics
A common treatment for UTI is the use of antibiotics. The duration of treatment and whether urine tests are required will depend on the location and level of the infection. A kidney infection or a UTI with complications will definitely require longer treatment. If it is bladder infection or a kidney infection without complications, the prescribed medication is oral antibiotics. If urine culture is required, you can start taking antibiotics even before the result comes out. The type of the antibiotic you will take and the level of infections will indicate how many days you will need to take the antibiotics. For recurring infections in women, doctors usually recommend preventive antibiotic therapy. When your doctor prescribed an antibiotic under a brand name, there is no harm in asking whether you can buy the generic form which is less expensive. Take note that you need to take the full course of the antibiotic so that your UTI will be treated effectively.  Home remedies are not discouraged but you must consult your doctor first just to be safe.