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How to Prevent and Cure Bad Breath

How to Prevent and Cure Bad Breath

Bad breath is basically a result of poor dental health habits. Medically known as halitosis, this embarrassing health condition can also come from other health problems including diabetes and sinus infections. Problems in the lungs, gastrointestinal tract and even synthetic infection can also cause bad breath. Your unhealthy lifestyle habits are also reasons of concern associated with bad breath. The foods you eat can also be the source of that foul oral odor. While it seems easy to acquire it, different ways on how to prevent and cure bad breath can range extensively.

5 Tips to Cure Bad Breath
Visit your dentist regularly. One of the best ways to cure bad breath is to visit your dentist. Unfortunately for some people, they neglect to visit the dentist regularly. To cure a persistent bad breath, regular professional cleaning is recommended. Twice a year would be enough for some people but some needs a few more visits because they tend to experience tartar buildup relatively fast.

Kick the smoking habit. For people who smoke and have bad breath, the cure could be as simple as quitting the habit. Smoking can cause many health problems including oral infections and diseases. When you smoke, your mouth tends to get dry which is enough reason for anaerobic bacteria to thrive and cause bad breath. Here are some tips on how to kick the smoking habit.

You breathe what you eat. The smell of your breath can be influenced by the food you eat. If you have bad breath, try to examine what you eat because that could be the source of your bad breath. Garlic and onions are common food culprits for bad breath. Meat particles have the tendencies to stick around in between teeth and collect at the gum line which are perfect reproducing area for bacteria that cause bad breath.

Green tea and cinnamon. A natural way to fight bad breath is to drink green tea after meals or even throughout the day. The antibacterial compounds present in green tea helps fight the bacteria that causes bad breath. Level up your battle by adding cinnamon. The essential oils in cinnamon can help freshen your stinky breath. The essential oils that are released when you eat or chew dill, cilantro, basil, parsley and mint also have the same effect to your breath.

Use baking soda. A sure way how to prevent and cure bad breath occasional brushing of teeth using baking soda. An acidic oral environment increases the risk of bacterial growth. The excess acids present in the oral cavity can be neutralized with the help of baking soda.

Ways to Prevent Bad Breath
Brush your teeth regularly. Keep your mouth clean by brushing your teeth 2 to 3 times daily or every after meal. At least once a day, floss your teeth to remove food particles and plaque between teeth. Make sure that you also clean your tongue and change your toothbrush every 2 to 3 months or as the need arise.

More on fiber, less on processed. Eating a fiber-enriched diet can help prevent bad breath. As much as possible keep away from eating heavily processed foods with refined carbohydrates like ice cream, cakes and cookies.

Rinse with mouthwash. Regular use of mouthwash or any oral rinse can help prevent bad breath but stay away from using products with sodium lauryl sulfate or alcohol because they can cause drying of the mouth.

Drink plenty of water. Dry mouth can cause bad breath. An easy way to prevent this is to drink plenty of water always to continuously moisten your mouth. Your mouth can become dry not only when you sleep at night but also during the day. Stay hydrated all throughout the day to avoid having bad breath.

Prevent dry mouth. Stimulating your saliva flow also prevents your mouth from drying up. Munching on sugarless gums, candy, lozenges and mints helps stimulate your saliva and prevent dry mouth. The oxygen in your saliva prevents bacteria to grow.