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How to Keep Your Nervous System Healthy

How to Keep Your Nervous System HealthyInside the human body is a complex organ system called nervous system. It consists of neurons and supportive cells responsible in transmitting chemical and electrical signals in the entire body. Handling stress response, involuntary reactions to emergencies and digestion of food are just some of the many functions in the body that involve the nervous system. Your body is able to move, talk and function because of the nervous system so it is essential that you know how to keep your nervous system healthy. Diet, exercise and rest are important factors to maintain a healthy nervous system.

To keep your nervous system functioning properly at all times, provide it with optimum nutrition through healthy diet. The major parts of your nervous system include the brain, spinal cord and peripheral nerves. They are insulated with a layer of fat called myelin. Keep the myelin healthy and protect it from getting autoimmune illness to avoid having symptoms of nerve dysfunction which include enigmatic chronic pain, waning vision, and muscle weakness. And also, be sure to know how to properly take care of your spine. Eat a balanced diet and see to it that your diet includes an adequate amount of healthy fats, vitamin D and vitamin B12 but learn to know the difference between synthetic and natural vitamins.

The Omega-3 fatty acid in fish helps protect the myelin sheaths that insulate the nerve from degrading. Take care of your nervous system by eating foods that help calm and heal the nervous system such as fish, green leafy vegetables and sea vegetables. Green leafy vegetables are rich in magnesium, vitamin E, vitamin C and B-complex vitamins. For better oxygen absorption and clear brain function, the nervous system needs minerals. Get your body’s mineral requirement by eating sea vegetables like seaweeds.

The nervous system also needs exercise in order to be healthy. Writing may seem just a very simple task but major things are happening in the nervous system for you to be able to write clearly. When you write, all the mechanisms in your conscious motor and sensory pathways are functioning. A great form of exercise for your nervous system is writing with pen on paper as neatly as you can. If writing does not interest you, you can always choose to draw. Both are good for the nervous system because they both require fine motor control. Writing and drawing will require you to thoroughly utilize the important mechanism of your conscious motor and sensory devices. Do this on a regular basis to ensure a healthy nervous system.

You can move, breath and think with the great help from the nervous system. If exercise for the muscles is important to keep you fit, so is exercise for the brain to keep the nervous system healthy. To train your memory and develop your critical thinking skills, you must do mental exercises like doing puzzles and playing board games among others.  Here are some ways to enhance brain power.

It is also critical that you provide your brain with lots of rest. Resting is not just good for recharging the brain but it also plays an important role in strengthening the circuits for your memory. Sleeping gives your brain the chance to rest so it can function at its best so make sure that you always get quality sleeping hours.

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The brain and the spinal cord are parts of the central nervous system. A network of neurons and nerves which is part of the peripheral nervous system also has an important role in the nervous system. They travel throughout the body to propagate signals. Keep the neurons and nerves healthy by eating nutritious foods that will provide glucose to your body. Neurons get their energy from glucose. Neurons can spread signals faster if they have enough energy. When you know how to keep your nervous system healthy, your body will function at its finest.