How to Cure Vertigo Naturally

How to Cure Vertigo NaturallyWhen your dizziness is the type when you feel movement all around you despite being completely stationary, it is an indication that you are experiencing a balance disorder and could be suffering from vertigo.

Vertigo is often times accompanied by nausea and vomiting. A vertigo attack is unpredictable. You may be quietly sitting on a chair and then suddenly you’ll feel your surroundings moving around you. The feeling when you experience vertigo could be repulsive and may limit you from doing your day to day activities. You may even find it hard walking or just standing straight. Vertigo is not actually a disease but rather a symptom. The different types of vertigo include peripheral, physiologic, central, migrainous and benign paroxysmal positional. Aside from medical treatments there are also ways how to cure vertigo naturally.

Medical Treatments
The diagnosis of the vertigo will determine the type of treatment to be applied. As much as possible vertigo patients are advised to get a thorough medical checkup to help determine the cause of the vertigo and to know the suitable treatment. Doctors may prescribe drugs such as vestibular suppressants, anticholinergics and antiemetic drugs. Surgical procedure can be considered too for severe cases. The two types of surgical treatment for vertigo are corrective surgical treatment and destructive surgical treatment. Doctors discourage the corrective surgical procedure for being controversial while the destructive surgical procedure can cause hearing loss.

Vestibular Rehabilitation
Vertigo can be relieved through natural therapies. There are natural ways that you can do to prevent vertigo and cure this condition. The vestibular rehabilitation exercise is a very simple and natural way to cure vertigo. All you have to do is to lie down on a table and wait for the vertigo attack to subside. When you feel that the attack has worn off, you switch to the other side and wait till you feel that the vertigo has stopped.

Herbs and Other Natural Treatments
To relieve the nausea and vomiting that you experience during vertigo attack, try using natural herbal remedies. Another proven and highly effective natural cure for vertigo is the use of natural treatments that contain homeopathic ingredients such as Gelsemium, Cocculus Indicus and Lobelia Inflata.
The feeling of dizziness, giddiness and lightheadedness can be reduced by treating your vertigo with herbs like ginkgo. This particular herb also helps improve the memory and is used in the treatment of tinnitus or that ringing sound that you hear.

Preventive Measures
If you are aiming for a long term cure for your vertigo, apply preventive measures such as exercises. The best way to handle the initial insight of vertigo is to keep calm instantaneously. If it is still possible, go to a place where there are no noise and bright lights. When vertigo attacks, you can also fix your attention to anything that is not moving to help restore your balance. Avoid sudden movements of the neck and your head as well.

Other Natural Treatments
You don’t need to immediately go to the hospital when vertigo attacks because there are simple and effective treatments for vertigo that you can do at home. Get six grams combination of coriander seeds and dry Indian gooseberry then soak it in water overnight. The following morning, separate the water and drink it. You can add just a little sugar to taste. Another natural remedy that you can prepare at home is a lemon juice with salt and pepper. Mix together 3 grams dry coriander seeds, 1 gram cardamom and 1 piece Cherubic Myrobalans. Finely grind the mixture and take it twice daily, one in the morning and another before going to bed.

Now that you’ve learned how to cure vertigo naturally, please be reminded that prevention is always better that any cure. Eat a well-balanced diet, stay away from salty foods and other stimulants, drink plenty of water and most importantly, live a healthy lifestyle.