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Harmful Effects of Fast Food

The Harmful Effects of Fast FoodConvenience could be one of the many reasons people opt to grab a bite in fast foods. In today’s busy lifestyle where people are always in a hurry and have no time to spare, fast food chains sprouted like mushrooms and have become very popular. Obviously, people are no longer minding the harmful effects of fast food because they are left with no choice. And sadly, many people eat fast food by choice because they just simply love it. I myself was guilty of being a fast food lover. I always crave for juicy burgers and freshly cooked french fries.

Fast food items like burgers, pizza, french fries, fried foods, doughnuts and many others are prepared and served quickly that is why they appeal to people of all ages. Regular consumption of fast foods can cause obesity, diabetes, and high cholesterol which can lead to more serious heart problems. However, because there have been an increase in efforts in letting the consumers know of the harmful effects of fast food, many people are now trying to find healthier alternatives. Here is a comprehensive list the harmful effects of fastfood:

Low Energy Levels
Some people may resort to eating fastfood in the middle of a stressful work day. This is a popular option amongst the working class who’s always on the go because grabbing a fastfood meal is quick, easy and convenient. But eating fastfood, or junk food in general, can greatly affect your energy levels. This is because fastfood puts your metabolism under stress. It also causes your blood sugar levels to drop, thus leaving you feeling weak and fatigued. And as a result, you’ll feel visibly tired. You’ll have low levels of energy remaining in your body and this will leave you unproductive as you face the rest of the day struggling at work or with whatever activity you are dealing with.

Damage to Your Liver
Having too much fast food brings in huge amounts of oils, calories and fats to your body. When these three start to build up within your system, your liver will suffer. This can lead to organ failure similar to the ones caused by excessive alcohol intake.

Obesity and Related Diseases
Eating too much fast food will lead to obesity. A person is considered as an obese when his or her body mass index or BMI exceeds 30 kilograms per square meter. In simple terms, obesity is caused by excess body fat. Obesity is the gateway to a multitude of serious diseases such as heart diseases, diabetes and certain types of cancer. If you want to live longer, avoid having a lifestyle that can lead to obesity.

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Heart Problems
As mentioned above, obesity can possibly cause adverse effects to your heart. But you don’t have to be an obese in order to suffer from a heart ailment. Fast foods are like salt and cholesterol waiting to explode. It’s a huge dumpster of sodium and bad cholesterol. And based on numerous studies, these two elements are proven to be the major causes of heart attacks and other related cardiovascular diseases.

Quality of Living Suffers
Eating is a huge chunk of a man’s lifestyle. The way we eat and the food we choose on a day-to-day basis reflects the way we tend to live our lives. Grabbing fast food on a regular basis not only deteriorates our health but it also, in a way, diminishes the quality of life that we are living. Food is meant to be savored. It’s not meant to be gulped down as quickly as possible. Many could interrupt me and say that they don’t have a choice because they are not in control of their work schedules. But all I can say is, “Yes, you do have a choice.”

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I am not saying that you should completely remove fast food from your system. You’ll less likely suffer the negative effects of eating fast food if you keep things in moderation or at a minimum. Having too much of something will definitely cause negative effects to our health so learn to regulate fast food intake. But if you can completely flush it out of your system and re-program in your brain that fastfood is a disgusting type of food, then keep it up!