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Common Myths About Acne

Common Myths About AcneMany people all over the world are dealing with acne problems. Although we now live in a world of modern technology and hundreds of beauty products are available, there are still people who would go on without treatment. Being aware of the common myths about acne will give you better understanding of this dilemma. For all you know, everything you believed in about acne is nothing more than just a myth.

Acne Myth 1

Only teenagers deal with acne problems and adults are no longer affected.
This is so untrue because studies show that there are adults in their 30s, 40s, and even 50s who are still dealing with acne problems. Although in most cases teenagers are involved, there are still a substantial number of adults suffering from acne. What is factual though is that the severity varies as you reach adulthood.

Acne Myth 2

You can have acne from eating junk foods and drinking soda.
Until now, the controversy linking acne and diet continues but there really isn’t any solid evidence to support this. However, because hormones and bacteria are present in milk, some studies state that milk products can cause acne. But since the association is not strongly verified, it is not enough reason to stay away from milk or any milk products for that matter because milk is actually good for your bone health. Many believed that eating chocolates, pizza and other fatty foods can cause acne. This is not true but eating a well-balanced diet is good for your skin thus protecting you from getting acne. Here is a list of some foods that cause acne.

Acne Myth 3

You can have acne because of poor hygiene.
We often hear that dirty skin can causes acne. A lot of people believe this one and thought that washing and scrubbing the face more often can prevent acne. The truth is the more you wash and vigorously scrub your face, the more it will result to irritated and traumatized skin, possibly leading to acne breakout. The better way to keep your face clean is to wash it twice a day using a mild cleanser. As much as possible avoid using astringents or cleansing products containing chemicals that are harsh to the skin.

Acne Myth 4

Acne will disappear in time.
Modern treatments are now available to help cure acne faster. There are also over-the-counter and prescription products that you can use to treat acne. If the products you choose failed, it is time you consult a dermatologist who can work with you on how to handle your acne properly. There are more options on how to clear acne breakouts now so there is no reason to just leave your acne to swell and mark your skin.

Acne Myth 5

Squeezing or picking will clear up the acne faster.
Sometimes you can’t help but squeeze your acne in an attempt to bring it down to size. This will only aggravate the situation and this will most likely be enough reason to get you a scar. The best thing to do is to keep your hands off your face.

These are just a few of the common myths about acne and there are actually more of them. Do yourself a favor by treating your acne the proper way.