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Foods to Eat for a Healthy Prostate

Photo Credit: The gland found in the male reproductive system that encloses the bladder and urethra is called prostate. The prostate is just like a walnut in size and it grows bigger as you age. One of the most common cancers in men is prostate cancer so it is very important that you take… Continue reading Foods to Eat for a Healthy Prostate

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Foods that Prevent Dysmenorrhea

Photo Credit: Prior to her menstrual cycle or during her period of menstruation, a woman feels a lot of symptoms including mood swings, headache, fatigue, bloating and dysmenorrhea. Dysmenorrhea, also called menstrual cramps, causes pain in the hips, lower back, inner thighs and more intensely on the lower abdomen. For some women, the pain… Continue reading Foods that Prevent Dysmenorrhea

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10 Fruits That Can Effectively Cleanse Your Colon

Photo Credit: A simple and cost-effective way to keep the colon clean and healthy is to eat fruits that can effectively cleanse your colon. You will actually not just clean your colon but in the process will help you deal with other health problems as a result of a damaged colon. Fruits are among the… Continue reading 10 Fruits That Can Effectively Cleanse Your Colon