7 Tips to Prevent Colds

7 Tips to Prevent ColdsAll year round, we worry about coming down with a cold. It can circulate at work, in schools, malls, parks and even in our homes. Looking for useful tips on how to prevent colds? Here are some of the most significant and effective suggestions.

 7 Tips to Prevent Colds

Take Multivitamins Everyday
There are many ways to help prevent coming down with a cold. One of the most popular tips to prevent colds is to take vitamins to help boost your immune system. Taking Vitamin C and other multivitamins everyday can help strengthen your immune system and aid your body to fight bad bacteria that causes not just cold but any other diseases. Be sure to also include Vitamin D as part of your daily multivitamin intake because it helps in regulating the immune system and is also known to reduce inflammation.

Wash Your Hands Frequently
Frequent hand washing also tops the list of tips to prevent colds. It can really make a difference when you wash your hands thoroughly in whatever day to day activities that you do. The counter top, doorknobs, toilets, practically everything is filled with germs that can cause colds and other common diseases and they are invisible to the naked eye. Washing your hands frequently can help prevent the spreading of germs. If washing is not possible for some reason, using a hand sanitizer or alcohol is always the next best option. It’s also important that you have tissue on hand especially when you are out in public places. It can help a lot to avoid spreading of germs.

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Get Enough Sleep
According to Dr. William Ellert, chief medical officer of the Phoenix Baptist Hospital, sleep regulates the release of cortisol. This hormone is responsible for stimulating cells that boost our body’s immune system. Enough sleep means seven to eight hours of uninterrupted slumber everyday. So do whatever adjustments you need to do (room, schedule, food intake, etc) in order to achieve the right amount of sleep everyday.

Honey Before Bedtime
According to a study at Penn State College of Medicine, a tiny serving of buckwheat honey before going to bed has a comparable effectiveness with that of dextromethorphan, which is found in many over-the-counter cold medicines. Taking honey won’t hurt anyway, it’s worth a sweet shot. On the other hand, zinc intake

Moderate Exercise
Moderate exercise on a regular basis enhances our immune system, thus reducing the chances of getting a cold. You don’t need to pour down high intensity work outs unless you are an athlete or a body-builder. Moderate exercise, say 15 to 30 minutes a day, is okay.

Don’t Sneeze On Your Hands
Always have a tissue or a handkerchief with you so when you feel like a sneeze is about to come, grab your tissue or hanky to catch the sneeze. Do not use your bare hands. The germs and viruses from your sneeze will cling to your hands which can easily be passed on to other people. When you have no choice but to sneeze on your hand, find a bathroom and wash up.

Don’t Smoke
According to statistics, those who smoke come down with colds more frequently. Not just that, the severity of the cold experienced by heavy smokers is higher. Taking a puff paralyzes the cilla, which are hairs within the mucous membranes located in your nose and lungs. The cillia is responsible for sweeping the cold and flu viruses away from your nasal passages. Here are tips on how to kick the smoking habit.

These are just some important tips to prevent colds but definitely there are many other ways. What matters most is that you are mindful of your surroundings, your diet and your lifestyle.