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5 Workout Routines that Strip Down Fat

5 Workout Routines that Strip Down FatHaving a regular routine that you do each day can really make a difference when you are trying to lose weight. It would be better if you can choose a workout that is not so hard to do. The goal is to find an activity that you can do each day or every other day, something that can be done consistently and the type that will not give you any reason to quit.

Most people who want to lose weight wanted quick results. But the thing is we have a body that is not programmed to seize results in an instant. You did not gain those unwanted body fats overnight so it makes sense that you cannot get rid of them quick and easy. Together with proper diet and nutrition, try any of these 5 workout routines that strip down fat to help you achieve long lasting results.

One of the best workout routines that can help you strip down all those unwanted fat is running. It is a cardiovascular exercise that when done religiously on a regular basis can help you lose weight all over your body. When you run, you get to move every part of your body so it can be a heavy cardio routine. Running alone can provide you a high intensity body workout. Although it looks simple and easy, you still need to consult a doctor before running particularly if you have previously experienced knee, back or any other sort of physical injury. If you have a choice, sand and grass are the best surfaces to run although running on asphalt is also acceptable.

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This body building cardio routine helps strengthen your whole body. Swimming is a great workout to help you lose weight all over your body. Aside from strengthening your stamina and endurance, swimming can also improve your heart rate. If your weight is around 150 pounds, you can burn 900 calories when you swim one mile in 30 minutes. At first, it may seem odd to expect to swim at such speed but in time as you swim more frequently, you’ll see that it can actually be done effortlessly.

Not only does it help you burn calories but riding a bike also gives you the chance to explore your surroundings. If you can’t fit into your busy schedule a time for exercise, then this workout routine is just perfect because you can just use a bicycle to get to your school or office. That is of course if you know how to ride a bike. And if you do, always take extra precautions. Cycling helps improve your strength and stamina. Cycling can help you burn 480 to 596 calories when you go 12 to 13.9 miles per hour.

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This excellent workout routine is good for your cardio and it’s so easy and accessible. For best results, you don’t just stroll but go brisk walking instead. And as much as possible, move your arms while walking to help burn more calories. You can also bring this workout routine to the next level by carrying small dumbbells or wrist-strap-on weights with you while walking. To accelerate your weight loss, combine walking with interval running.

Playing Sports
Another great way to burn calories and stay fit is playing sports. Some of the best cardio sports include basketball, football, and badminton among others. When you include any of these sports in your workout routine, you can burn 560 calories when you play in an hour. Any kind of sports is actually an excellent way to burn calories. You just have to choose the one that you enjoy doing.