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5 Ways to Quickly Build Biceps

5 Ways to Quickly Build Biceps
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If you are to perceive strength, what comes to mind is a bodybuilder type of man with huge biceps and all that. Just like any other muscle group in your body, hard work and dedication are the main factors in order to achieve the full potential of your bicep development. But you can learn different techniques to help build your biceps fast and easy. Here are 5 ways to quickly build biceps.

Make Sure Your Diet is High in Calories
If your bicep is not developing as you wanted, check out your diet because it has great influence on how your biceps can grow to an impressive size. Just like the other muscle group, you need additional calories to help build your bicep grow big and strong. This could mean an overall weight gain but with the right workout, you can grow muscles at the right spots in your body. If you want your biceps to grow impressively, an addition of 500 calories of protein and complex carbohydrates to your daily diet would do the trick.

Hammer Curls
There are many exercises that include curls but cannot deliver the expected results. This is because they are not targeting the right muscle. There are two muscles that comprise the bicep. The larger bicep muscle is called brachii and you can use standard curls to develop it. Then there’s the brachailis, the muscle that runs outside the biceps brachii. The hammer curls can train the brachailis. You can do hammer curls using dumbbells held in a palms-in grip. It’s how you hold the dumbbell which makes it look like a hammer. You can help develop the whole upper arm by doing hammer curls for the brachailis.

You will use a barbell to do this old school bicep exercise. To start the 21’s, you do 7 partial bicep curls as you move your elbow from a 180 degrees position to a 90 degree. The continually do 7 more partial bicep curls while you move your elbow from the 90 degrees position to the farthest that the elbow can reach. Finish it by doing 7 full range bicep curls.

Zottman Curls
Nosy at it looks but the Zottman curls are great exercises to help build your biceps immensely. Using the same movement, the Zottman curls can work both on the biceps brachii and the brachailis. You do this exercise while holding dumbbells on both hands. Bring the dumbbells up and before you lower them down, twist your hands and in a palms-down position you start lowering your hands. You can build your biceps completely and much faster using the Zottman curls.

Barbell Curls
This may be a classic bicep exercise but when done exclusively for biceps, you will still be very successful in your target. You can determine the amount of work the biceps brachii did through the amount of wrist rotation. Therefore, maximize supination using a movement that allows practically heavy load. You can apply different grip width. This can help ease the discomfort that others feel when using s barbell. This can also help highlight the other part of the biceps. If you want to give emphasis to the long head, use a narrower grip.  A wider grip on the other hand will give emphasis to the short head.

These are just 5 ways to quickly build biceps and there are so much more. Remember that your biceps are your show-muscles even if they are not the biggest or the strongest muscle group in your body. Using the right kind of movements or exercises, you can work on the vein, bulge and peak to have biceps in massive sizes.