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5 Most Effective Cardio Exercises

5 Most Effective Cardio Exercises
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Cardio exercises can do a lot of good things for your body. The benefit of doing cardio is not only limited to losing weight but it can also help in building muscles and more importantly, to improve your health. There are different forms and levels of cardio exercises that you can choose from. The goal is to find the one that can get your heart rate into the target heart rate zone that is right for you.

A cardio exercise will be most effective if you can do it consistently. It will be better if you choose the cardio exercises that you also enjoy doing. The 5 most effective cardio exercises would include:

If you want a cardio exercise that is simple yet effective, running will be one of the top choices. You don’t use any special equipment in running. You just need a pair of quality shoes that is fit for running. It also requires no specific time and place. Running is a high impact exercise that is good for building connective tissue and strong bones. Compared to other low impact exercises, running can get your heart rate up faster. If you need to burn serious calories, you can include sprints, do interval training, or simply add hills to your routine.

Cycling is a great cardio exercise that you can do outdoor or indoor. This type of cardio workout is dependent on the power of your legs. Aside from burning calories, cycling can also help increase your endurance based on your speed and level of resistance. It’s very convenient to incorporate cycling in your daily life. You can ride a bike going to school or work. Running errands around town would be a lot easier if you are riding a bike. Bicycling is a low impact exercise that is good for the joints.

Elliptical Trainer
The second most popular cardio machine to the treadmill is the elliptical trainer. Your body can move in a natural way when in the elliptical trainer. You just increase the resistance if you want to bring the intensity to the next level. Some machines have adjustable ramps and arm handles for the same purpose of adding intensity.  For variation, the elliptical trainer allows you to go backwards as you work on your muscles. The elliptical trainer is the perfect alternative for runners who want to take a break from thrashing the pavement.

Swimming is indeed a great cardio workout because it is a full body exercise. A workout can burn more calories if more body parts are involved. You can burn around 400 calories by doing breaststrokes for 30 minutes. In swimming, the joints are fully supported so the possibility of having high-impact injuries is lower. If you are to choose a perfect cross-training for other cardio activities, swimming would be a great choice.

Jumping Rope
Jumping rope is proven effective in burning calories. It’s also a good alternative exercise when you travel because the jump rope is very easy to carry along in your baggage. In just 30 minutes of jumping rope workout, a person who weighs 145-lbs can burn an enormous 330 calories. But you don’t have to immediately target that because there’s a right pacing on how you can work your way up to that level of burning calories. You can start with just 1-2 minutes at a time and taking breaks while marching or swinging the rope in figure eight motion. Then you can gradually increase to 10-20 minutes and more as you lessen your rest time. You can do various foot patterns like jumping rope on one foot or scissor jumps and others.

The above mentioned workouts are considered as the most effective cardio exercises that can be done on a regular basis. There are more to choose from. You may also want to consider checking out some workout routines that strip down fat. What matters most is that you choose the cardio workout that you can incorporate in your daily routine because consistency is the key to an effective cardio exercise.