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5 Foods That Prevent Heartburn During Pregnancy

5 Foods That Prevent Heartburn During PregnancyMore often than not, pregnant women experience heartburn. Women who have no idea about heartburn are more likely to experience it for the first time during their pregnancy. When you feel a burning sensation in the chest and throat, or sometimes you have that acidic taste in your mouth, that is heartburn and this has become a common feeling for women while they are pregnant. One of the culprits of heartburn in pregnant women is progesterone. During pregnancy, women produce large amounts of this female hormone. While it will help to avoid foods that can aggravate heartburn, it is better to fight heartburn with healthy food and you can start by trying these 5 foods that prevent heartburn during pregnancy.

Any recipe of ginger works as an energizer, refresher for the stomach as well as relief for heartburn. Actually, anything that ails the stomach can be cured by ginger. Soak half a teaspoon of raw ginger in one cup of hot water and you already have a tea. Sipping ginger tea 20 minutes before meal will help prevent heartburn as well as indigestion. For a healthy sweetener, you can use honey or a bit of raw cane sugar. You can also find relief by nibbling on ginger ale or candied ginger. Among good foods for heartburn, ginger has to be on top of the list. Ginger is good for any digestive problems because it contains chemicals (gingerols and shogaols) that help relieve the whole gastrointestinal tract. Eating ginger in any form is good for digestion.

Include radish to your diet to help prevent heartburn. You can add radish extract to your diet to help improve your digestion. The food will travel faster through the digestive tract; therefore the amount of time that is required to create acids in the stomach is reduced. If you are to use radish extract, use a little bit only at first and determine how much will work for you. To be safe, you can ask a professional to know the recommended dose. There are chemicals present in radish that help improve the digestion, not to mention that radish also helps the gallbladder to be healthy and it contains antioxidants to help fight cancer. Both the root and juice of radish offer medicinal benefits.

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Aloe vera
This natural healing agent is well-known for treating acid reflux or heartburn. You can buy the leaves or liquid form of aloe vera in health-food stores and groceries. You can also grow aloe vera plant in your garden. Aloe vera is used as a thickener in different recipes. An ancient remedy for GI problems, aloe vera appears to work with reflux. If you don’t seem to like using the aloe vera plant, you can opt to use the aloe vera supplement which is available in capsules and juice forms among others. Be careful though of the anthraquinones. Make sure to remove the compound aloin to avoid irritation in the digestive system.

Even during the ancient times, parsley is already used as medicinal herb to improve digestion and relieve stomach ailments. Parsley come in flat-leaf or the curly ones. It is used in different recipes as seasoning or garnish. The next time you see a sprig of parsley on your dish, don’t look at it as mere decoration. People years ago had used parsley to treat stomach problems. Studies show that parsley can also work to relieve acid reflux.

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It is very convenient to eat bananas for snack. Not only are they delicious and nutritious, bananas, having a pH of 5.6 are also good for relieving heartburn or acid reflux. Banana is an excellent fruit to help treat several gastrointestinal problems. Known to relax the digestive tract, you can eat banana to prevent heartburn.

These 5 foods that prevent heartburn during pregnancy are just some of the many foods that you can eat while pregnant to avoid having heartburn. There are a lot more out there but the ones mentioned above are definitely effective.