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5 Effective Ways on How to Stop Snoring

5 Effective Ways on How to Stop SnoringSnoring can really cause some problems not only to you but to your partner as well. Here are 5 effective ways on how to stop snoring. If you really want to get rid of that irritating sound that you create while sleeping (well you don”t actually hear yourself snore because you are asleep), try to follow these:

5 Effective Ways on How to Stop Snoring

1. Put extra pillows beneath you so that your head is a bit elevated. Do not sleep with your head lying flat on the bed because the tissue in your throat could block the air passage, thus causing you to snore. Or you could probably use a thicker pillow. But take note of this; don”t use a soft pillow because this will encourage your throat muscles to relax more, narrowing your air passage. Use a firm pillow instead.

2. Sleep on your side. This could be an easy task at first but soon you”ll be tempted to sleep on your back. Try to wrap your arms around a huge pillow while sleeping on your side in order to have more chance of maintaining that position throughout your sleep. One effective way to force you to sleep on your side is to attach a tennis ball at the back of your shirt.

3. Avoid drinking alcoholic beverages, or taking sleeping pills and antihistamines right before going to bed. These will cause your throat muscles to relax. When this happens, your air passage could be blocked by your throat muscles.

4. If your snoring is caused by nasal problems, an effective way to reduce or completely stop your snoring is by taping your nose with nasal strips. You may look funny but hey, who”s looking at you? No one! Nasal strips will lift up and open your nostrils for an increased air flow in your nasal cavity.

5. If tips 1-4 didn’t work out that well for you, you may try using an anti snoring nasal spray. This will give fast and effective relief. You may also want to try anti snoring pills. But just a friendly reminder, be sure to consult a doctor first before using anti snoring pills in order to avoid allergic reactions and unwanted side effects.