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5 Activities That Will Definitely Make You Fat

5 Activities That Will Definitely Make You FatIn today’s modern world, a lot of people are always on the go. Living a fast-paced lifestyle is nothing but ordinary and one of the sad consequences is that most people no longer have time to eat healthy and live a physically active life. Getting fat has become a quick process and as a result, obesity has come to be socially acceptable.

The fast food industry has flourished tremendously over the years. Fast food chains have become more accessible and they seem to be available anywhere you go. Competitions have made the prices of fast foods more affordable as well. In addition, more and more ready-to-eat and tasty food options are now available in the market.

We now live in a world where technology makes it possible for us to do almost anything fast and easy. So it’s not surprising at all that most people have no time and even the desire to be physically active. It is so much easier to be fat and takes no effort at all. And we are not just talking about not eating the right food here because there are things that we normally do without realizing that these activities help in adding those unwanted fats to our body. Here are 5 activities that will definitely make you fat.

1. Sleeping too little or too much. Even if you are eating a healthy diet everyday but only sleep five hours or less, you are still most likely to put on 2 ½ times more belly fat. If you can have eight hours of sleep on a regular basis would be so much better. However, if it is really not possible, aim at least to have an average of six to seven hours of sleep per night because this is the ideal amount of sleep for those who want to control their weight.

2. Skipping meals. People who want to lose weight normally skip their meals without knowing that this habit can actually make them fat especially when the meal you’re skipping is breakfast. When you skip your meal, your metabolism slows down and you boost your hunger so the tendency is you will overeat on your next meal. When this happens, you are just putting your body in prime fat-storage mode which is one of the catalysts towards becoming fat.

3. Watching too much TV. Overweight participants in a study at the University of Vermont showed that when they lessened their time watching TV even by just 50%, it helped them lose 119 more calories on average per day. A smart thing to do is to maximize your TV time by doing a few household tasks on the side to help burn some more calories.

4. Eating too quickly. One of the major flaws of our body, if you can even call it a flaw, is that it would still take 20 minutes before the stomach can signal the brain that it is already full. So it makes sense that it’s best if you take time to chew and savor the taste of your food in order to avoid overeating which you will regret later on after those unwanted calories have turned into fats.

5. Eating when emotionally stressed. Do not eat if you are experiencing emotional stress because you have the tendency to eat more than what you should consume. As much as possible, do not deal with your emotional stress by eating. A study from the University of Alabama showed that you can become overweight 13 times more if you eat while under emotional stress. Try doing something else when you feel the urge to eat in response to stress like drinking water, taking a walk, reading a book or just about anything as long as it does not involve food or eating.